Alpha Sun & Sport Releases New Beach Bag Totes PTATT Adventure Tracking Towels

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Living Alpha has just gotten a little bit easier, attractive, and convenient, due to a new line of beach bag totes and PTATT adventure tracking towels, introduced by Alpha Sun & Sport. The products are versatile, practical, high quality and have a first-class design and feel.
Located in Pompano Beach, but available throughout the world thanks to the internet, Alpha Sun & Sport has released their PTATT (Personal Travel Adventure Tracking Towel), a beach towel and bag that is truly unique in the market of beach bag totes. Sized at a generous 40 by 72 inches, the “towel” is made from 100% durable cotton velour. With a total of three hidden pockets, including one small one and two large ones to hold personal items from personal electronics to passports, the towel folds up into a bag which can be carried easily, freeing up hands and arms. Complete with pegs that hold the towel in place when on the beach, the design ensures that the wind will not carry it away, and from a distance, all anyone will see is a beach towel. The vibrant colors catch the eye and come in different designs for whatever your tastes lean toward, whether it be surfing, diving, or laying on the beach. The towel comes with bungee cords, specifically designed to anchor the towel to beach chairs or lounges, making it easier to maneuver when in use as a beach towel or by the pool. The pockets are reinforced and the grommets which connect the bungee cords to the towel are nickel-plated making it less likely to become damaged in harsh salt-water environments. The PTATT is built for long-term use, not just a summer of fun, but also numerous summers.

When you are done with the towel for the day, fold it up into a beach bag and carry it like a beach bag. Watch how it works here

Another feature of the towel is that it is specifically designed with a special weave on the edges of the towel so that the collectable Adventure and Travel Patches, (another Alpha Sun & Sport product), that you can buy to have a memento of your journeys and adventures are easily attached to the towel.
About Alpha Sun & Sport

Founded in 2007 by Alan McBrearty and Richard Jobin, Alpha Sun & Sport’s Now That’s Kick’n It!” is a way of life, not just a catchy logo. Dedicated to those who want more out of life, the products and souvenirs sold by Alpha Sun & Sport are geared toward the Alpha individual, the one who is not afraid to go out and enjoy life, making memories and sharing them with those who are important to them. You can visit the site and see the themed beach towels here

Alpha Sun & Sport – AS & S, LLC

1000 W. McNab Road, Suite 150

Pompano Beach, FL 33069 USA

Phone: 1-888-962-5742






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