Scripts Ahoy! Brings Clone Scripts at Customers’ Finger Tips

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Dreaming of creating the next website that will disrupt the technology world but do not know anything about coding and writing scripts? Dreams cannot materialize if you do not have the technical know how and that is the sad truth but with a company like Scripts Ahoy! You can make your visions of making it big in the IT world can come true.

Whether you want to make a redbeacon clone, groupon clone, kickstarter clone, zaarly clone, or thumbtack clone, Scripts Ahoy! Makes available the Php Clone Scripts available to you.

Clone Scripts are basically packages that will allow anyone to setup the website quickly that will have a similar functionality to another website that they want to imitate. In order to do this, Scripts Ahoy! Will provide them with the website script that they need,” explained a Scripts Ahoy! Team member.

“Scripts Ahoy! Aims to help people who are not code and tech savvy. We will bring the solutions they need to their fingertips so they can achieve the goals they have without having to lift a finger,” he added.

The small team at Script Ahoy! Continue to produce website scripts and solicit ideas from their customers. Their website features a list of clone scripts that are being used by many websites in different market niches. Some of examples include thumbtack clone and zaarly clone of websites intended to be marketplaces for personal and home services or for a community where neighbors can easily connect with each other to buy and sell items.

Scripts Ahoy! Has an easy to use Ideas Section where existing clients and potential customers can pitch their ideas of great websites. Whether it will be for an online store builder, freelancer clone, advertising marketplace, or an educational website, Scripts Ahoy! Can plan and create a clone script for that.

In the Ideas Section, users can vote for great ideas and the more votes one idea gets, the more likely the webscript team at Script Ahoy! Will take notice and create them.

“At Scripts Ahoy! We value customer ideas and we do not leave them even after acquiring the script they need. We make sure our communication lines are always open for them to make sure that they receive the technical support that they need,” a supervisor at Script Ahoy! Explained.

The Support Section leads would-be tech honchos to a Forum, Documentation section, Technical Support, Bug Tracker, Roadmap, and a list of frequently asked questions.

The Documentation section is a very useful part of the website especially for the non-techy customers. They can find installation guides, system requirements, basic troubleshooting guides, developer guides, and maintenance section to help them kick off their dream website.

The Bug Tracker provides a section where clone script users can give feedback to the team of Scripts Ahoy! Under this section, users can report any problems they discover and the script developers of the company can immediate trace the problem and resolve it for them in no time.

Scripts Ahoy! Is a company based in Canberra, Australia. They provide a helping hand to people with great ideas in need of awe-inspiring scripts. The company has been developing scripts since 2009 but boast of more than a decade of experience in web design and web development for clients from different corners of the globe

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