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If you have been arrested for a DUI in California, it is essential to contact a qualified attorney as quickly as possible. Individuals who have been charged with a felony DUI (instead of the typical misdemeanor DUI charge) face even harsher penalties. In either case, Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Franklin and the rest of his team at the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin can provide an intelligent and vigorous defense of your criminal matter.

Under the current laws of the State of California, a fourth DUI conviction within ten years of the first one will require a mandatory prison sentence. A fourth conviction isn’t the only way to face a felony, though, especially if an accident results in injury or death. Multiple DUI’s in a short period of time will result in much harsher penalties even if there are no injuries and there are other mitigating factors, such as excessive speeding or driving under the influence with a minor passenger.

For people who would like to minimize the consequences of a DUI arrest, professional legal advice can be one of the most important factors. Whether it is to limit the damage of a criminal conviction through a plea to a lesser charge or an attempt to get the case dismissed entirely, a Beverly Hills DUI Attorney can focus on the facts of the case and determine whether or not proper procedure was followed each step of the way. A Beverly Hills DUI Lawyer can also devise a legal strategy that will help get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

It does not happen often, but some cases are dismissed for various reasons. Procedures involving breathalyzers and field sobriety tests must be followed by law enforcement agencies, as well as scheduled maintenance and calibration for breath testing devices. Checking to make sure all of this has been properly done and documented by the police are just a few of the procedural tasks that lawyers perform. These legal requirements are there for your protection. A poorly trained officer or a machine which is not properly calibrated can sometimes result in a DUI arrest when the person driving is not over the legal limit.

It is also essential that you follow the proper procedures as well; this is another area where a lawyer can be invaluable; it includes making sure you know the court dates and times you must show up, and to retain your license after a DUI arrest in California you will need to schedule an Administrative Hearing within 10 days of the arrest or you may automatically lose your driving privileges after 30 days. This is just one of the things that the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin will help you with throughout the legal process.

Fighting a DUI charge isn’t easy, especially if it’s a felony charge. The Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin provide advice and legal representation in the Los Angeles and Southern California area and are dedicated to providing a vigorous and intelligent defense of your rights and freedom. Jonathan Franklin knows the law and the California courts system, and has a unique perspective from his service as a prosecutor – knowledge that he now puts to work for you.

Clients charged with a DUI should contact their attorney as early as possible in order to get the full benefit of qualified legal representation. Call the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin now for a free initial consultation.

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