Gomez Law Firm Helps Balance Tthe Scales Of Justice For Texas Families

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The world can be a dangerous place even in these modern times, but it is usually not what most people would think of. In North Carolina this fall, dozens were sickened with E. Coli and one infant died. After investigation, the NC Dept. of Health working with other agencies narrowed down the petting zoo as the likeliest source of contamination, but there were patients who were sick that never went near the petting zoo.

All it takes is for one infected person to touch a handle, and the next person who touches that spot will have enough material for the e. coli bacteria to do its job.

This goes to show that sometimes life is simply not fair. In this case, there are several entities to deal with; the fairground is a private corporation that rents the grounds to a variety of event planners and several fairs throughout the year.

The fair itself is the traveling organization that rented the fairgrounds and is the direct employer of the petting zoo. But depending on the organization and the way the traveling fair is set up, the petting zoo may be considered an independent contractor.

To a person who is looking at $300,000 in medical bills for their child, it is a morass of legal red tape. The Gomez Law Firm is well versed in all forms of legal representation including personal injury. A case like this demands the best attorney who can deal with complex liability issues and choose the right strategy for his clients even as multiple parties’ lawyers will try to minimize the damage of the guilty party.

Unfortunately, as soon as an accident like the one described above happens, the corporations that own those businesses are already assigning counsel. They know that in cases like this it is essential that a competent lawyer is contacted as soon as possible.

The best piece of advice a person could get is never to sign anything or discuss medical details with the representatives of the party which caused the injury. The Gomez law firm represents clients across the state of Texas. They are experts in state law, and know the intricacies of the legal system, and how to make sure that their clients get what they deserve.

Houston personal injury lawyer Jorge Gomez has experience in all aspects of personal injury, from uninsured motorist claims to offshore injuries at energy facilities and workplace and industrial injuries. Many of these areas are covered by extremely complex case law, but the Gomez law firm can help navigate through the maze that the legal system often seems to be when viewed by outsiders.

The health effects of some injuries can linger for a long time, and many people do not want to think of legal action in the most trying of times. Counsel for the party who caused the accident count on that attitude to get people to consistently settle for less than they deserve. That is why it is imperative that when a person or child is injured or made ill through the actions of others an attorney is retained as quickly as possible.

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