Filing a Civil Lawsuit With the Help of a Personal Injury Attorney

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Imagine this scenario: you are driving down the street and out of nowhere a car runs a red light and slams right into you. Your car is completely totaled but that is not the worse part. You find yourself in agony and pain as you are hauled away in a stretcher. Such scenarios occur on the road every day. Aside from the emotional scars, accidents like the one described can also take a financial toll. This is where Scott M. Brown & Associates come in. This is a law firm that comprises of a team of personal injury lawyers Houston Texas.

Accidents are not just limited to instances on the road. It can also occur in the workplace, in a public area or even in the privacy of your home. Most accidents are preventable and occurred because someone else acted with disregard for the safety of others. While it is your personal decision whether you want to pursue legal action, keep in mind that you will have hefty medical expenses that will come out of your own pocket. It is highly unlikely that the person responsible will voluntarily compensate you on his own accord.

Contacting a personal injury Houston lawyer is the first step. The attorney will review the scenario leading up to the accident and let you know whether you have a legitimate case. It is important that you have a competent Houston personal injury lawyer by your side because the other party will likely have a lawyer of his own who will try to portray his client as faultless.

While you will likely look into several Houston Personal Injury Attorneys, it is important that you select someone who has experience working with accident cases similar to your own. Your lawyer will carefully examine the details of your case and coach you on what to say and how to present yourself while in court. Some cases may not even go to court at all. It is normal for both sides to agree to a settlement, which is favorable for everyone involved as it means less time, expenses and courtroom drama.

Most accident victims never contact a Houston Personal Injury Attorney because they don’t want to deal with complex legal issues, lawyer fees and the like. While this is completely understandable, keep in mind that by taking no action, you could be walking away from compensation that could completely cover your financial woes; it is up to you. However, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with injury attorneys Houston to find out whether you have a strong case.

Scott M. Brown & Associates is staffed by injury lawyers Houston who know civil laws in Texas like the back of their hands. While no personal injury attorney in Houston worth his salt will make you any guarantees, he can fight on your behalf both in and out of court. An initial meeting with a personal injury attorney Houston Texas is usually enough for you to determine whether you want to move forward with an injury claim.

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