DUI Arrests Increased Over The Holiday Season In 2012 At Police Checkpoints

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California, like many states, has increased its vigilance when it comes to apprehending drivers who are operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and rates seem to be slightly on the rise. Between December 21, 2012 and December 25, 2012 the California Highway Patrol arrested 1170 people, up from 2011′s figure of 980 arrests. Deaths due to DUI also climbed in the same period, from 14 (2011) to 39 in 2012.

There are fluctuations in the rates – for instance, the statistics during the Thanksgiving holiday was down slightly – but states are putting more and more emphasis on finding and arresting drivers who are operating vehicles under the influence.

Many of these people do not think they are above the legal blood limit, until the breathalyzer is handed to them.

There are not many ways a normal, law abiding, hardworking citizen can get into the kind of trouble where he or she is locked up with criminals, but being arrested for DUI causes that to happen on a regular basis. The easiest way to avoid this is to be very careful about how much alcohol is consumed, but it is easy to make a mistake – one extra glass of wine is the difference between the officer saying “Have good night” and an arrest being made.

If this happens it is essential that an attorney is retained as quickly as possible. Los Angeles DUI lawyer Ronald Hedding has the experience and the ultimate knowledge of California law that makes navigating the process of a DUI much easier.

It is essential that a lawyer is retained as quickly as possible because there are procedural processes that start as soon as a person is arrested. This includes what is known as the ’10 Day Rule’. In California, a defendant has 10 days to attempt to retrieve a driver’s license and re-establish driving privileges.

Failure to schedule this hearing in 10 days results in a mandatory 90 day revocation of the driver’s license.

Lawyers are well aware of these types of unseen deadlines, and the legal system has no obligation to tell a defendant anything that will help them. Retaining a qualified Los Angeles DUI attorney will ensure that such procedural deadlines don’t go past without anyone noticing.

There are also many other times when procedures were not followed properly, such as regular maintenance on the breathalyzer machines and more, and a qualified attorney will explore every one of these. The more time goes by before an attorney is consulted nullifies many of the opportunities that they have to get the best possible outcome.

The seriousness of multiple offenses or other crimes occurring (such as getting in an accident) increases the stakes tremendously. In this case, it is even more important to retain the services of an attorney.

An arrest for DUI can cause years of financial trouble and in many cases can derail a person’s life. Once arrested, the best steps are to stay calm, do not make any statements and call the Hedding Law Firm as quickly as possible.

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