The New Zip HydroTap Offers Ultra Clean Boiling and Chilled Water

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Zip Industries has launched its online store selling revolutionary kitchen and bathroom accessories which are otherwise not available in the market. The store will cater to the needs of a broad range of customers. The company has on offer legendary offers like Zip HydroTap, Zip Hydroboil, Zip Filters, Zip’s Water Treatment Systems to name a few. All these products are making waves in millions of schools, offices, hospitals, homes in as many as 60 countries in the world.

During the last few years, Zip Industry has emerged as the most-preferred provider of designer bathroom and kitchen accessories and fittings. Lately, the company got on board the renowned, award-winning Australian landscape designer Jamie Durie who now endorses Zip’s products in different parts of the world.

In 2012, Zip became the first company to introduce a tap dispensing sparking chilled filtered water as well as boiling water. The product was launched in the UK and Australia under the brand name Zip HydroTap. The HydroTap is a breakthrough concept in instant boiling water system.

It comes fitted with an under-bench control cabinet and smoothly delivers boiling and chilled filtered water via an electronically controlled tap on the sink Just within a few months of its launch, the HydroTap is making waves in different parts of the world. Even right after its launch, it became an instant hit and was very well received by architects, interior designers, kitchen designers and home owners in different parts of the world.

The latest from Zip’s stable is the introduction of a new standard in water filtration processes via its revolutionary product the Zip HydroTap. This new standard will address the ever-increasing demand for better tasting, clean and hygienic water without reliance on expensive bottled water. The HydroTaps over 0.2 micron filtration which does away with the chlorine taste anEach new Zip HydroTap is equipped with 0.2 micron filtration which not only eliminates chlorine taste and odour and removes contaminants as small as 1/5000th of a millimitre including the parasites Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Recently, Zip announced that it will be upgrading its customer support services. The company’s battery of skilled technicians now cover all major Australian cities. The technicians ensure prompt repairs and maintenance of all Zip Systems. The company is known for customer-friendly after-sales services and has established a closely-knit network of more than 300 trained service providers covering every part of Australia. The company maintains a dedicated in-house call centre support on all working days.

About the Company

Zip Industry started as a small manufacturer of domestic water heaters in 1962 by Michael Crouch. Today Zip is the one of biggest manufacturers of instant boiling water systems with its products being sold in as many as 65 countries. The company is known for developing a cutting-edge instant boiling water product called the Zip HydroTap which comes fitted with an under-bench control cabinet. Zip continues to be admired as one of the most innovative water systems companies in the world.

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