offers Doctors a solution for Female Incontinence

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18th March 2013 – With the variety of medicines and techniques currently available on the market, it can be difficult for any doctor to keep up with everything they need to know. However, thanks to an ongoing public awareness campaign, more women than ever before are asking their doctors about InTone, the FDA-approved treatment plan for female urinary incontinence.

The InTone device, as explained at, is a Class-II approved medical device that works to treat the three major types of female urinary incontinence (stress, urge, and mixed) through careful rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles and the application of a calming effect on the detrusor muscle. The process is customized somewhat for each patient by the doctor in charge, meaning that any doctor who prescribes InTone for a patient should be fully aware of how it works and what steps they will need to take. Outside of this segment, however, InTone is used by patients in the privacy of their own home, where they can avoid public embarrassment in dealing with their incontinence. A voiced instruction segment included with InTone provides a professional, step-by-step explanation of the use of InTone, freeing doctors from the need to take the time and instruct the patient. InTone will generally be used regularly for up to 180 days, and periodically after that to maintain the treatment. Three follow-up visits at two, six, and ten weeks are recommended for patients using InTone.

However, MyInTone knows that no professional should make a medical decision for their patients without as much information as possible. That’s why includes a selection of case studies from patients and physicians reporting on the use of InTone. These case studies represent a variety of ages, backgrounds, and causes of incontinence, including several cases from doctors who treated themselves with the device to determine whether or not it was truly effective.

Female incontinence is a common problem, but not one that patients have to live with. offers the solution that physicians have been looking for.

Information for Doctors: Use of InTone is not normally associated with any form of pain. If patients report feelings of pain while using the InTone product, this may be a sign of a more serious condition. The patient should cease the use of InTone until they can be more thoroughly examined by your office or another qualified physician. InTone has a high rate of success, but in cases where it does not, most of the cost will be refunded as per the InTone Guarantee. Some documentation is required for returns, including documentation of adherence to the treatment protocols. The InTone system is similar to physical therapy in that it focuses on the use of strengthened muscles as a solution to a problem with the body. Some information on is restricted to the sight of medical professionals, and a National Provider Identifier code may be needed for certain additional information on the InTone product. Demonstrations of InTone can be arranged for physicians, hospitals, and other places that may prescribe InTone to patients. Depending on the volume of requests, it may take some time to arrange schedules appropriately.

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