Invisible Braces From Top Tampa Dental Care Services

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Invisalign from Tampa Smiles is the new name for invisible braces. The clear alternative to conventional braces is the brainchild of Dr. John L. Redd II, the top restorative and cosmetic dentist in Tampa.

As per Tampa Smiles’ Invisalign method, a series of clear aligners are provided that are custom molded to fit you perfectly. The aligners are virtually invisible and work slowly to gradually reposition and push your teeth in.

Getting to know each other and understanding your mouth better is what Dr. Redd II, the moving force behind Tampa Smiles, focuses on during your initial appointment. He insists on a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, soft tissues, and the muscles in your mouth. The leading Tampa dentist office also does a comprehensive smile analysis for those who want to improve their face value.

There are many reasons why clients prefer Invisalign from Tampa Smiles. The system is convenient to use and has helped thousands of people get the smile they always desired. Invisalign or invisible braces do not disrupt your routine or lifestyle. Most people would not even notice that you are wearing braces. The participating doctors from Tampa Smiles will give you a free initial consultation, so that you know the processes in detail.

Invisalign helps do away with the irritating wires and bands associated with conventional braces. The aligners can be removed while you eat, brush, and floss. As your teeth move into the desired position gradually, the aligners are changed every two weeks to keep the process going. There are regular progress checks done by your dentist or orthodontist. In most cases, results can be seen in six months to one year.

Zoom tooth whitening from Tampa Smiles is another of their popular and widely used services. This is the bleaching system used on Extreme Makeover and has proven results to make your teeth look significantly whiter than ever before. The results are most effective when used in combination with an at-home tray bleach technique. Dental experts say that Zoom Whitening is the most powerful and effective teeth whitening technique available today. Tampa Smiles offers amazing results while helping you maintain your new white tooth color permanently.

Tampa Smiles is also famous for CEREC dentistry, a revolutionary technology that helps dentists all over the globe offer advanced ceramic reconstruction solutions in just one visit. The technique is used to get a newly constructed crown on your worn, damaged, broken, or unsightly tooth. The actual structure of your teeth and mouth is used by the dentist to design and build a ceramic crown that is near-to-perfect replacement crown.

About Us

Tampa Smiles offers various services, such as laser cavity detection, power zoom whitening, and oral cancer detection. You can take advantage of the specialized services offered by Tampa Smiles by filling out an online patient form and providing all the necessary details. You can also call them or fax your details for an appointment to get invisible braces or for the perfect solution to other dental problems.

For more details, visit or contact:

Tampa Smiles
907 West Platt Street
Tampa, Florida 33607
Phone: 813-253-0209
Fax: 813-250-0209

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