Favorite Indian Restaurant Announces New Opening in San Ramon

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One of the best local Indian restaurants in the greater San Francisco area, Favorite Indian Restaurant, has recently announced the grand opening of its newest dining room in San Ramon, California. This will be their third location in the greater East Bay area.

This move will bring some of the most beloved Indian restaurant Menu treats like vegetable samosas, tikka masala, naan and biriyani and bring it to the San Ramon area. Most everyone who lives in the greater San Francisco area is very familiar with Favorite Indian Restaurant, it is universally seen as one of the top places for authentic and genuine Indian cuisine in all of the area.

Favorite Indian Restaurant already has had success with two other restaurants in the area, one in Hayward and the other in Union City. Based on the success of these restaurants gaining more and more popularity, the owners of Favorite Indian Restaurant have decided to open yet another place to dine in savoring delicious Indian food in San Ramon.

What customers of Favorite Indian Restaurant will love is that they will no longer need to travel to the East Bay in order to have authentic Northern Indian cuisine whenever they want. Instead, they can enjoy the menu options or even the buffet that Favorite Indian Restaurant serves daily and be able to have a great sampling of some of the many delicious dishes that make Indian food so popular and famous around the world. As more and more people discover Favorite Indian Restaurant, they will be able to see how wonderful Indian food is with all of the exotic flavors and spices that it offers to the palette.

Another great benefit of having a new chain of the Favorite Indian Restaurant further away from the East Bay is that it opens up the potential of a whole new group of soon to be loyal customers. What current customers love so much about Favorite Indian Restaurant is the amazing customer service that is provided to go with a really wonderful meal time and time again.

What is even better news for those who have been searching for a good Indian food Delivery Menu in the area is that Favorite Indian Restaurant delivers as well! Now, local fans of the restaurant will be able to call in and order delivery service anytime they want to have Indian food.

With the opening of the San Ramon restaurant, the delivery area can now cover a much larger section of the region, delivering to places like Dublin, Pleasanton, San Leandro and Fremont as well. That is going to allow people from all over the greater East Bay area in places around Highway 680 to finally be able to have the ability to have high quality Indian food delivered right to their front doorstep.

Now that this third location is open, Favorite Indian Restaurant will now happily service dine in, take out and delivery customers in the San Ramon area for many years to come, providing them with delicious authentic Northern Indian cuisine.

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