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What do you do with those Christmas Lights that no longer work? What about that Old Computer, iPad, Cell Phone left over from Christmas? You can RECYCLE them safely and responsibly. Whether you’re looking to clean out your garage, that storage closet, free-up the junk drawer, or just plain do something good for the environment – there’s a way to make it happen. On January 19, 2013 from 10 am to 2 pm, Westview Marching Band will be hosting a recycling collection at Westview High school. The Westview Marching Band is requesting a $10 donation. Recycling services will be provided by EG Metals, an Environmental Technologies company with headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon.
All those plastic bags, lids, obsolete computers, cell phones, Ethernet cables, phone cords, and miss-matched chargers that you’ve been holding onto will finally have a purpose after all. EG Metals, a certified electronics recycler, provides full-service metal and electronics recycling in an environmentally conscious fashion, adhering to a ‘no landfill policy’ for all products received by EG Metals.
The event is sponsored by the Westview Marching Band. The location will be at the Westview High School, 4200 NW 185th, Portland, OR 97229. For more information on this event or of you are interested in hosting your own recycling event, please contact Peter Van Houten at info@egmetals.com or (503) 693-8939.
Peter Van Houten is the GM at recycling firm EG Metals Recycling, Inc and is a recycling executive for the past 25 years. More information can be found at http://www.egmetalrecycling.com

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