New Public Speaking Training Courses for Women in Adelaide Australia

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25th June 2013 – Adelaide, South Australia – Tricia Karp, a communications specialist with well over twenty years experience, has launched a new website to meet the needs of people looking for public speaking courses in Adelaide and other major cities in Australia. She has dedicated the entire website to effective speaking from a uniquely female perspective to empower women who want to improve their communication skills. She has a long history in multimedia specialising in television and radio, as a presenter and leader. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism as well as certifications and accreditations in leadership, training and assessment, and communication. Karp has even played mentor to Olympic athletes, corporate executives, teachers, as well as multimedia personalities who all rely on their communication skills for some aspect of their livelihoods. Not only does she have the skill and experience needed to guide, she is also passionate about teaching women to be better communicators. This website has been created to aid those women seeking personal and professional improvement through public speaking courses.

What She Has to Offer

Tricia Karp’s new website offers not only informative and instructional training material but also promises an active blog, access to direct communication via email, chat, or phone, and a wealth of wisdom only born from experience that goes into public speaking courses she offers in Adelaide, South Australia. Her Power Talk Pow-wows provide interactive group meetings dealing with such topics as powerful speaking, strategy, and transformation. For those looking for a more direct form of instruction, advice, or coaching, her Mentoring & Strategic Insight is a private, individually tailored arrangement for more personal guidance. Instructional focus is on communication techniques that will endear you to others, leverage your relationships, build your image, promote effective persuasion, and increase public speaking confidence in order to present yourself and your organization well and have a real impact on the world around you. She also provides access to a wide variety of blog content specifically relevant to topics surrounding communication and her own direct experiences and their inspired insights and reflections. Those who subscribe on her website even get a free instructional video on “The 5 Secrets to Powerful Speaking” along with access to all her articles and other special offers.

About Tricia Karp:

Whether you are just looking for some advice from a credible source or detailed coaching to develop your speaking and communication skills, Tricia Karp is the ideal woman for those looking for a female perspective in a public speaking courses in Adelaide. Tricia also offers workshops and training courses in other major cities including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. You can check workshop event dates and contact Tricia online at

Contact Information:

Tricia Karp
Elevating Communication
PO Box 577 Fullarton, South Australia 5063
Phone: 0412 810 305

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