Diamond Stud Earrings Are On Sale Now At Angel City Jewelers – !

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Diamonds remain the gift to give to show your love to your significant other – they are the gift for the sixtieth anniversary, but don’t wait till then to give your wife a really good set of Diamond Stud Earrings!

Angel City Jewelers has been in the business of diamonds and fine jewelry for over a quarter of a century, and are located right in historic downtown Las Angeles. Diamond stud earrings are a specialty of Angel City Jewelers.

Diamond studs are the one earring to have if you could only have one – they are good from black tie to casual and are an essential fashion item to have, but you want to take care when buying earrings of this caliber.

While size is important, it is even more important to make sure that the diamonds you buy are quality. A really nice set of .75 of .50 carat earrings are more impressive than a set of 1.00 ct diamond stud earrings.

Color and clarity are just as important as size; for very slight color variances and for small occlusions that cannot be seen with the naked eye exceptions can be made, but when the faults of a diamond are easily visible to the naked eye it is time to look at a different set of earrings.

All of the diamonds that Angel City Jewelers buys are purchased directly from Hong Kong, Belgium, Israel and India. This allows the middle man to be cut out, and the prices reflect that.

The quality reflects the discerning eye and taste of this family run business. They have been in the precious stones business and know diamonds, and they refuse to sell diamonds that should not be mounted in jewelry.

While no diamond is perfect, there are many diamonds that will not be offered by these professional and experienced jewelers! Picking the best stones, pairing the quality and shape and carefully hand mounting them in beautiful, polished gold settings.

Angel City Jewelers will never sell a diamond that has had any type of enhancements or micro repairs and are guaranteed to match the advertised color and clarity. All of the diamonds are also guaranteed to be absolutely conflict free – Angel City Jewelers is extremely careful about the suppliers that they deal with, and they buy no African diamonds.

Angel City Jewelers has a huge selection of diamond stud earrings and 1 ct. Diamond stud earrings as well as thousands of other pieces of jewelry made in all materials and styles, and carry princess cut, round cut and other shapes of diamond stud earrings.

No matter what your diamond stud earring needs, or any other piece of jewelry, Angel City Jewelers has the service and the prices to make everyone happy. They also offer a ton of free information about diamonds and how to judge color and clarity.

Make the right decision – buy a pair of diamond stud earrings for the next nice gift, and make the right decision of buying them from Angel City Jewelers – 800-337-0960! For more details please visit www.angelcityjewelers.com

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