Atlantic Cabling delivers world class performance in Surrey and the surrounding area

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In Surrey and the surrounding areas, there is one company that specializes in all aspects of cabling; whether you need wires run for an audio video system, or a CCTV Security System, Atlantic Cabling has the expertise and experience to get the job done.

We design each install around what the customer really needs and their budgetary constraints – our goal is to deliver the commercial cabling or home cabling for a reasonable amount of money. We also specialize in network cabling installation, home network installation and office network installation.

There is a tendency these days to rely to heavily on wireless networks, but there is more to building a truly high speed, dedicated network than setting up a few wireless portals. While wireless can comprise an important part of a network, it should only be a part of the network. Having wired access available in various areas, especially in a business context, can be very advantageous for multiple reasons. The chief among these are speed and security.

Especially with security systems, relying on wireless technology simply makes no sense. There are too many things that can go wrong with the wireless signal, including purposeful jamming of signals. A company that specializes in Commercial Installations knows that, and takes steps accordingly. Hard wired CCTV security systems recording to an offsite or well hidden hard drive is the best you can get, and more and more we see security systems pairing up with access control systems and automation in lights, heating and cooling systems and other household and business systems.

Atlantic Cabling is an expert in setting up these systems, and they allow you to view your security cameras and controls features of your house or business right through your pad or cell phone. We have the expertise and dedication necessary to wire your home or business no matter the application.

We can also set up video conference systems that truly deliver a quality video conference experience; these should be folded in with your office network installation, but many companies simply add on such features without taking them into account in the context of the network’s abilities. This is why so many video conferencing systems simply do not do the job people are expecting.

Making sure all cabling and networks are properly set up is the difference between disparate systems working perfectly as one and one aggravation after another; it is no different in the home, it just does not cost the money that a business network going down or acting jerky can cost – unless, that is, you work from home. More and more hi-tech people are, and if you are finding that your current wiring and network systems at home are not up to snuff, Atlantic Cabling can help design a new wired and wireless distribution system to make sure you are getting the coverage and speed you need out of your system.

If you live in Surrey or the Surrey area, call now for an evaluation and real world discussion of your network and cabling needs. We are licensed and insured, and our number one goal is to build you the best network and cabling system at a reasonable price.

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