China Catalogue Printing Company Offers Environmentally Friendly Options for Modern Printing Projects

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Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, April 14, 2013-China Catalogue Printing now provides an environmentally friendly experience, thanks to enhanced catalogue printing services. The China Catalog Printing Company uses 55% recycled paper products, with the remaining 45% in materials used originating from sustainable forestry practices. Attractive designs for catalogs, brochures, greeting cards, children’s books and more in China printing add special appeal with environmentally harmless glue for the bindings and soy-based inks.

A China catalog printer is able to provide top quality services at affordable prices. You can save from 30-50% on printing from China, while maintaining beautiful imagery and state-of-the art technical applications. China Catalogue Printing offers a full range of printed products, with glossy/matt varnish finish, lamination, hot stamping and embossing, and even 3-D emboss.

The China-based catalog printer company also uses top of the line equipment. Plate making equipment includes the Britain Crosfield 636 electronic divider, along with a high-terminal Internet system. Internet capacities enable clientS to design their own PDF files from home and transmit the layout directly to the company.

New capabilities allow for more choices in simple-to-complex services. Four-color plain printers are made in Germany, but there are also two 18-color, high speed, Goss wheeling printers available from France and even a Toshiba 10-color commercial wheel catalog printer made in Japan. With catalog printing in China, design, layout and color format will turn out exactly the way customers envision.

Catalogue printing projects are of vital importance to business presentation and DIY projects in today’s market. The company’s catalog printer materials consist of covers and color photos on inside pages using specialized art paper, and jacket covers in 0.5 millimeter transparent PVC, PU leather or soft cloth. Black text inside pages are printed on textured paper.

There is a greater choice in binding as well. China Catalogue Printing gives consumers the choice of perfect binding, pressing soft cover catalogs together using strong flexible glue. A sewn catalog has the strength and durability of a hard-cover book, while spiral-binding methods are perfect for businesses and enterprises that need to leave the catalog open without breaking the spine.

China Catalogue Printing is ready to take care of all catalog printing and other printing needs. Proofs are available for approval within two to three days after placing the order, provided there are no particular issues with the presented files. Proofs do not go into production until they have received full approval. Customers may view their proofs online or request a hard-proof option.

Accolades for the company have included the 2008 UK Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Award and the 2000 International Quality Management System Certificate. Experience the best in professional printing services with the assurance that all printing needs have been met by an environmentally friendly company dedicated to quality and good customer relations.

For more information on printing products and bulk package deals visit and request more information.

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