Lexus Crafts The Most Innovative Green Cars On Planet; Get Yours Today

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For the ultimate driving experience and the most spectacular Green Cars on the planet, check out a new hybrid luxury vehicle, the Lexus CT 200 H. With extraordinarily tuned dynamics, this is truly an exemplary and engaging driving experience, all while being environmentally conscientious. For the ultimate in luxury and environmental safety, check out to find out more about this innovative new Lexus CT 200 H, the epitome of luxurious green cars.

The fully customizable CT 200 H provides an extraordinary number of equipment packages, perfect for every taste and budget. With upgrades for full map satellite navigation, parking sensors, DAB radio and much more, this superior design is available in a luxury hybrid hatchback car. For the ultimate in convenience and comfort, this luxury hybrid is available with dual zone climate control, six way adjustable front seats, fabric upholstery, electrochromatic inside rearview mirror, heated outside rearview mirror, pushbutton start and more.

Lexus is the only manufacturer in the market today that produces the most advanced hybrid vehicle in conjunction with exemplary luxury and taste. Every hybrid Lexus CT 200 H comes with dual power sources for usage. Both of these power sources are available in a combination of either gasoline or diesel engine, in conjunction with an electric motor for electric vehicle mode. This hybrid provides you the opportunity to power your hybrid via the electronic order combustion engine, or a combination of the two.

While you are behind the wheel of your luxurious CT 200 H, you will experience beautiful silence while in electric vehicle mode, because it only uses the electronic motor while starting up and running at lower speeds. This is not only beneficial to the environment, but it prevents carbon dioxide emissions as well as keeping more money in your wallet. This is because with electric motor, you are maximizing fuel economy, not using any fuel to power the electric motor.

Despite extensive number of green cards available on the market today, the Lexus CT 200 H’s power control unit will automatically select the best combination of electric and combustion motor power. This way, fuel consumption is minimal as is carbon dioxide emission. This is the only full hybrid system Lexus creates, and is highly intelligent, as it benefits you with the ideal power source at any moment. This captures the maximum amount of energy from braking, charging your battery.

Your Lexus CT 200 H hybrid is available with most powerful electric engine in the world. With its full hybrid technology, your operating costs are minimal due to the increase in your fuel economy and reduction require, as well as providing additional benefit to the environment. Lexus is not only the epitome of luxury, but provides the most innovative and environmentally friendly yet luxurious Green Cars available.

With the extraordinary array of driving dynamics, see the features, interior comforts, convenience and exemplary security, the Lexus CT 200 H is more than a work of art, it is the ideal car for any driver. Learn more about Lexus Hybrid Drive available in the CT 200 H, and take advantage of the penalty that comfort, quality and luxury green car in the UK. Join the Lexus revolution by visiting our website,

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